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Your Committed Foodservice Partner

Founded in 2014 as a company specialized in the international foodservice distribution, Inalca Food & Beverage, a Cremonini Group Company, today presents itself as the ideal partner for Italian catering abroad. IF&B ensures a service that responds to the ever-changing needs that characterize the different segments of professional clientele served, including restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, restaurant and hotel chains and caterers.

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Our commitment: the Service

In partnership with selected suppliers, IF&B guarantees processes monitoring and products quality with a focus to the breadth and depth of the range and customized solutions for its customers.


IF&B ensures the “last mile” distribution in a professional and timely manner thanks to multi-temperature platforms and means of transport, together with the field work of highly specialized commercial technicians.


The Food cost analysis, the introduction of new products and the preparation techniques enhancement, are some of the high added value services that our commercial technicians offer to customers.


Better pricing conditions, tailor-made delivery services, on-demand product sourcing, customized payment terms, are some of the advantages that our Loyalty Program offers to its customers.

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Selection, quality control & assortment variety

Last mile distribuition and delivery

Specialized technical commercial consultancy

Loyalty Program and joint growth

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IF&B supports growth by optimizing the logistics system. Promptness, efficiency and accuracy in information management and time optimization, with a strong impact on the entire supply chain, from the supplier to the end customer.

Connect to our platform to access the service or request information from our Customer Service by filling out the Contact form.

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The IF&B Branches in the World

Nine countries, to this date, see the direct IF&B Management presence, consisting of 33 multi-temperature distribuition platforms, thanks to which customs clearance and goods reception are managed, together with storage and capillary distribuition with its means of transportation to customers.

A value chain that is distributed throughout the entire supply chain and controlled at every level of the Company, thanks to the integrated end-to-end Supply Chain model, beginning from the partnerships with suppliers and ending with the timely delivery in the last mile. 

Company growth, expansion into new markets and international scalability represent the ambitious mission of IF&B: a unique business model driven by the constant worldwide developmentof demand for Italian agri-food products worldwide.

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An Evolving Gastronomic Ecosystem

IF&B continuously proposes innovations and product and service solutions by intercepting and anticipating trends in the restaurant market and monitoring customer consumption habits.


With a portfolio of over 10,000 references, IF&B ensures breadth and depth of range for every merchandise category, satisfying the needs of multiple segments in the industry: from typical products for casual Italian dining to a careful selection of gourmet products for fine dining.


Meats from around the world, live, fresh and frozen seafood, the world of pizza, cold cuts and cheeses, semi-finished products with a high level of service, beverages and wine, and much more...

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The House of Fine Foods is the careful selection of high-end gourmet products from all over the world intended for the fine dining segment. The Project was created to offer its customers a unique experience, to satisfy the needs of those who seek excellence in food, in the quality and freshness of the ingredients, in the processing methods and in the preparation of the dishes.

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Buttis is the Wine division of IF&B. Following the same logic and dynamics of our food offer and in full synergy with it, Buttis proposes a wide and deep selection of labels from all regions of Italy. The product portfolio includes all the best known D.O.C.G., D.O.C. I.G.T. and it is completed with the best vintages of collectible wines from the most prestigious brands, while also intercepting the new trends in the consumption of increasingly popular organic and biodynamic wines.

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September 02, 2023

The third edition of the Degusto Portfolio Tasting Hong Kong, organized by IF&B Bright View and The House of Fine Foods.

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The Events, an essential resource for IF&B

Private events, international fairs, team building activities and, basically, the involvement of the actors within the IF&B ecosystem are part of the communication, growth, and innovation strategy of the Group. Events represent an extremely targeted and effective tool to connect with the community, involving suppliers, customers and employees, generating new business opportunities.

IF&B valorizes the stories about products, regions, and the people who generated those products. They are stories of commitmnt and sacrifice that highlight the human factor to shorten the distance with its customers.

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Ingredients, Technique and Creativity

The Academy is the new IF&B multimedia platform, designed to facilitate communication between the actors involved along the entire supply chain, from the supplier to the final customer. A highly specialized professional kitchen, endowed with the latest generation equipment and the most advanced technologies audio/video production, the Academy aims to enhance Italian products and beyond, spreading timely and detailed knowledge on the ingredients and preparation techniques with a pinch of added creativity, thanks also to the collaboration of our Chef Partners involved in the project.

A space for exhibition, demonstration and training, available to our supplier partners, able to reach every corner of the world and every potential customer.

Live events and live streaming, video shooting, graphics and post-production, as well as a keen eye for details and a passion for the information assets of our supplier partners, who will able to train our sales force thanks to the platform, broadcasting multimedia contents, audio and digital across all our online and offline channels. A greater emphasis on the development of the recipes database explanatory of Food Cost, a showcase of emotional contents, artistic pictures of the dishes; on top of that, gastronomic audio-video storytelling to create a more engaging experience for our customers and help them connect with our ecosystem on a deeper level.

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Castelnuovo Rangone (MO)
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