Services Provided

Services are custom-tailored to create efficiency and transparency throughout the entire supply chain:

  1. product selection & partnership with suppliers
  2. product & process quality controls
  3. in- store logistics
  4. integrated transport solutions
  5. documents & certificates management
  6. funding & credit management
  7. technical & commercial support
  8. cross- trading operations
  9. marketing services
  10. commercial opportunities & partnership


IF&B accurately selects products & suppliers to grant the best result to its customers. IF&B in fact works in partnership with its suppliers to define how to best approach targeted foreign markets. This way, IF&B can leverage the Italian agri-food systems, bringing efficiencies along the supply chain and monitoring every single step of the process. The partnership is based on an open and constant dialogue with the producers who are called to take part in decisions, thus allowing them to participate in building upon their own success through their reliance upon the F&B platform.



IF&B Quality Assurance Department provides additional value added services in addition to the management of the supply chain. Producers are led and guided by the IF&B QA Team to learn and to improve upon their own internal processes and standards of quality control.
Customers can count on professional and reliable controls made through the constant monitoring of activity. independent lab analysis, random inspections of products and production sites, checks on HACCP compliance along the supply chain are some of the additional activities made to certify ‘total quality' standards.



IF&B's reliance upon its vast existing network of both national and international logistics partners allows lF&B to safely store and handle any food product at the proper storage condition whether dry, chilled or frozen. Customers can take advantage of the ability to warehouse any product at the proper storage temperature benefiting of a model of full flexibility relying upon accurate lead-times.



IF&B Logistics Department is able to leverage its position and bargaining power with the various service providers offering its clients and partners the most favorable rates for air, ocean and truck transport services at multi-temperatures storage conditions.
IF&B has developed a flexible model, which allows customers to load minimum quantities per item at competitive costs. IF&B also offers a tracking service which allows customers to stay up to date on the status of their orders.



IF&B manages all of the documents necessary to finalize the export process in any international market.
IF&B handles all loading documents, translations and multilingual labeling, packing lists, certificates of origin, sanitary certificates, and all special document requests.
This service represents an advantage for producers who have little or no experience in handling international documents, enabling them to finally and successfully reach new markets.
Customers can now count on a professional and effective partner that is capable in problem-solving in any language.



lF&B can offer flexible financial solutions to suit the needs of its clients in various international markets. Bank Guarantees, insurance Guarantees, Letters of Credit and other covenants can be evaluated and put in place to help suppliers and customers leverage their financial opportunities. The financial strength of the Cremonini Group, and its earned recognition as global market leader allows its business partners to enjoy the benefits of pre-set conditions such as granted payments to suppliers in addition to flexible financial solutions for global partners and customers.



The IFB Sales Team works around the clock to give professional, detailed commercial support for each market, sales channel, or customer.
Let us work with you on:

  • Product Mix
  • Product Technology
  • Product Culture
  • Customized Packaging
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Trends & Forecasts
  • Spot Deals
  • Sales Promotions
  • Merchandising activities "in store"


With the Cremonini Group physically present in many different countries through its own satellite offices and subsidiaries, IF&B is able to source a wide range of frozen proteins (meat and fish) and other consumer food products directly from producers around the globe, again ensuring control over the entire supply chain and guaranteeing the competitiveness of each deal.
IF&B has proven its global reach satisfying the purchasing needs of its own clients and foreign partners in multiple markets. It can be considered as a further service for those clients who need to broaden their product assortment: IF&B: one stop & shop solution



IF&B's Marketing Office is capable to provide a broad spectrum of services to its customers/partners. This customized service can help your business create and run:

  • Co-marketing activities with suppliers and clients
  • Special Targeted Marketing Events
  • Institutional and governmental sponsorship

The Marketing Office has also developed and designed the IF&B registered trademarks: Mamma Tina and Emporio Gourmè, both well-established in several countries around the globe. This expertise is also available to customers and partners who want to create, design and refresh their own Private Labels : The team can complete every aspect of the PL development, from simple label design all the way through to a full turn-key line offering.



The highly flexible business model of IF&B includes different collaboration levels between and among its own stakeholders (suppliers, customers and partners) based on particular opportunities and/or needs, in each international market of reference.
From a suppliers perspective, IF&B is a reliable partner for launching and positioning products or for providing exclusive agency services or co-marketing activities. Customers can count on a reliable and capable strategic partner who can respond proactively and efficiently to any demand of supply and related commercial services.
IF&B partners abroad are taking advantage of the efficiency and professionalism of the Cremonini Group by putting their dynamic organization to work to further their own endeavors.
Ours is a unique approach. By creating important strategic partnerships we invite our partners to come under the family umbrella, reaping the rewards of our 50 + years of experience and joining our sophisticated global network.